Outdoor Retailer this weekend, Aug 2nd – 5th

The outdoor and athletic industry bi-annual trade show, Outdoor Retailer, begins this week in Salt Lake City. Similar to many other consumer branded shows that have seen the lines blur across multiple sectors, OR is no exception. With athletic, sportswear, travel and foods brands all showing the latest and greatest product offerings, it’s a mecca for most gear heads.

What’s got the message boards really buzzing however? Show organizers say they are going to crack down on any drinking before 5PM each day. Glad to see that while the industry has grown and matured, the attendees have shown what they care most about….Free Beer!


Is it Live or is it on NBC?

With the London 2012 Olympics underway, there has been much written about NBC’s multi-channel strategy to show events live over the internet while still keeping the most popular events on tape delay for it’s prime time show. With the advent of social media, NBC realized that the days of keeping the results quiet until hours after they had happened were fruitless. Yet, it still needs to protect its multi-billion investment and use the marquee events like gymnastics and swimming to get people to watch TV. Thus, that’s why the Men’s gymnastics final didn’t start until 9PM and why Michael Phelps hadn’t swum the 200 Fly when I turned it off at 11PM PDT, only 18 hours after he had actually competed the race.  Is this just one more reason to move to Canada and watch CTV’s coverage live?